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Initially, they are offering credit-ratings on just 100 companies, but they are key companies, whether you’re a bond investor or stock investor.

Below is a fragment I did (so far) that offers comparisons between how Morningstar is rating the company compared to the major rating agencies. I’m going to have to do more work before conclusions can be drawn, but I’d suggest this. S&P and Moodys don’t differ as much from each other as Morningstar differs from them both, which is a phenomenon that Taleb reports in his books. Typically, securities analysts “herd”. The differences between their opinions differ less than the differences between the average of their opinions and what the true facts turn out the be, showing just how worthless their opinions are. Morningstar seems to be hewing its own course, which is encouraging.

The news report says they plan to report the ratings for 2,000 companies. That should meet the needs of most investors.

Ticker M* Mdy SP Notches Direction
AEP BBB+ Baa2 BBB 1 higher
APC BB+ Baa3 BBB- 1 lower
APA A+ A- A3 2 higher
T A- A2 A 1 lower
AVY BBB- Baa2 BBB 1 lower
BDX AA+ A2 AA- 3 higher
BMY AA+ A2 A+ 3.5 higher
BF.B A+ A2 A 1 higher
CVX AA Aa1 AA 0.5 lower
CL AA Aa3 AA- 1 higher
CMCSA BBB+ Baa1 BBB+ 0 same
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