No. of Recommendations: 37
Here are the seeds for the 2006 edition of Marge Madness.

With his win last year, Ned Flander is out (I still haven't done the winner's tournament. I know, I suck.). He was replaced by the late Maude Flanders, keeping the total number of Flanderers the same. Plus I figure the character going against Comic Book Guy will get killed, and since she's already dead I won't anger the Gods.

I played with the seeds a bit, CBG gets a bump up for finishing second last year. I also moved Sarcastic Man up because I'm in a Charles Bronson kind of moon.

I also made Itchy and Scratch individual entries instead of combining them like last year. Sideshow Mel gets bounced out. I'll end with a Mel quote: "Not the sky! That's where clouds are born!"

Any comments? I'll set up a schedule and we'll get started over the next day or two.

1. Comic Book Guy
2. Krusty the Clown
3. Milhouse van Houten
4. Skinner

5. Ralph Wiggum
6. Wayland Smithers
7. Sideshow Bob
8. Chief Wiggum

9. Barney
10. Mayor Quimby
11. Moe
12. Abe Simpson

13. Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel
14. Ms. Krabapple
15. Professor Frink
16. Otto

17. Duffman
18. Nelson
19. Rev. Lovejoy
20. Dr. Nick Riviera

21. Martin Prince
22. Kent Brockman
23. Troy McClure
24. Lionel Hutz

25. Patty
26. Selma
27. Gil
28. Snake

29. Lenny
30. Carl
31. Dr. Hibberd
32. Lindsay Nagel

33. Fat Tony
34. Hans Moleman
35. Disco Stu
36. Artie Ziff

37. Kirk Van Houten
38. Santa's Little Helper
39. Captain McAllister
40. Ranier Wolfcastle

41. Frank Grimes
42. Superintendent Chalmers
43. Todd/Rod Flanders
44. Jasper

45. Bumblebee Man
46. Itchy
47. Scratchy
48. Agnes Skinner

49. Dolph
50. Sarcastic Man
51. Jimbo Jones
52. Kang/Kodos

53. Judge Snyder
54. Lunchlady Doris
55. Judge Constance Harm
56. Miss. Hoover

57. Luanne VanHouten
58. Hank Scorpio
59. Jebediah Springfield
60. Cookie Kwan

61. Kearney
62. Dr. Marvin Monroe
63. Uter
64. Maude Flanders
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