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Thanks a lot for your well thought out considerations. The day I sent you the heads up on that Yahoo thread on CSR, I also posted a few comments and a link on the GG discussion board. The post got 2 recommend clicks but no response at all. Maybe people thought it was unethical for the poster to paste that report from a paid service or something. At any event, I was surprised no one said anything.

As for my own situation, I only have a small position started and would have to sell some Geoeye to do anything to change that. Also, when GG started officially covering AOB, I asked in a playful way if CSR would be next. I didn't expect Tim to say anything, but it would have been a natural thing for others interested to chime in with a, yeah, me too. Yet in these increasingly difficult times, I could see where a tiny small cap in China whose share price is acting extremely oddly with no apparent reason might be enough of a red flag to put the breaks on.

I'd asked Rob over on the INFN board what he thought of CSR since he'd posted a growth chart of companies that were growing a lot faster than INFN and CSR was among them. He gave me, in one sense, a very criptic reply and never said anything at all about CSR. That was a bit of a let down on the one hand, but on the other his response was very plain: watch out! There's more money to be lost. So, was he specifically referring to CSR? Or did he refrain from saying anything about CSR specifically because he was adding more to his own account? I don't know for sure, although his reply sure didn't lend itself to the latter possibility. Plus, he is very sceptical of the overall market right now and evidently feels its apt to get considerably worse. I believe he said he's about 25% cash right now. I tend to agree with him that things are apt to keep sliding. Given that Geoeye's earnings are coming up around March 9th and the management is apt to have a lot of positive news to share, I'm leaning towards doing nothing at the moment, despite the great entry point that CSR is giving right now. Likewise, I still haven't opened a position with AOB, which has been fortunate. But at this point I'm willing to risk losing out on these low prices until a fuller picture of Geoeye emerges in a few weeks. My guess is that the conference call will instill a bit of buying activity, but once earnings pass Geoeye is apt to drift lower if the rest of market is doing the same. So I might peel off a few shares and add to CSR and start something with AOB at that point.

I heard a snippet on the radio that supposedly some members of the Federal Reserve Board--if that's the name of it--that group with Bernanke and something like 9 other regional chairman, have now come to the conclusion that the banking crisis will extend into 2011, not just 2010. I didn't hear anything more as someone was referencing this bit of news as an indicator that we've got a long way to go with this recession.

Thanks again. I'll post again if I hear anything on CSR of note.


I just heard this morning that the Administration is not intending to nationalize the banks. That was supposed to give a boost to the market according one brief article I read. I don't know enough about such matters, that is, whether nationalizing some big banks would be, in the long haul, better or not.
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