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Maybe I'm just spoiled because the pup totally never wants anything that costs money, silly creature that he is, but I don't see anything wrong with a $100 doll. If people can afford it, and the kid appreciates it and is going to play with it, why not?

Maybe also because my kid destroys shoes with extreme prejudice, but what I cannot see is buying expensive shoes for a kid. Then again, if I bought him expensive shoes and that meant he *wouldn't* destroy them, I would totally be down with that. It's just disheartening how quickly he can render seemingly solid objects into a fine mist that used to be shoe leather and sole.

I think everyone has their line, and where they draw it, but I don't think expensive stuff is being particularly aimed at kids. The commercials on the Disney channel seem to be for fairly inexpensive things (well, how *does* one put a price on a pillow that lights up?). Again, that might just be where I live, and my kid being completely not interested in stuff.

I do think oversexualized stuff is aimed at girls, particularly clothes. If I never see a 12 year old girl with "Juicy" written on her bottom again, I would be perfectly happy about it. Again, that might be where I live, and the girls that go to my kid's school. :-)

Maybe the area you're in, there's more competition between kids to get expensive toys? I guess I don't see getting a doll that they may or may not know cost $100 leading to asking for, I don't know, a ride-on car that costs $200, and so on. And the parents can always say no to the ride-on car. Everyone sets limits, or ought to. It's really hard to tell from the outside if it's stressing their finances or not.

Also also, in the area of I used to be the super-spendy spouse, but didn't know it because I spent it $5 at a time, I think it's easy to spend too much on toys for a kid because you are always at Target and always get your kid something, and even if you make sure you never spend more than $5 on a toy, if you're at Target 4 times a week, that's $80 a month on toys. That's 10 American Girl dolls a year, and trust me, I know lots of people with the Target habit. I had a serious Lego habit when the pup was smaller. Maybe people wouldn't have called me on it, but it had to go. It was teh pricey.

Now the pup plays video games, so it might seem I'm spending more on him, but I know I'm spending less. But to someone who doesn't know the interior of the situation, it could look like I'm being really spendy on the kid.

It's really easy to judge people without knowing the facts. I'm sorry the American Girl dolls make you see red. I hope you're not feeling personal pressure to provide stuff that you think is overpriced, or that you can't afford. That's really hard, when that happens.

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