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Maybe some men need to learn respect and how to keep their privates to themselves, and learn that women are not to be abused.

I'm not aware of any non-psychotic men that don't know this... but that means that the only people you could try to teach it to (psychopaths) are the very people who literally couldn't care less, by definition. You might as well try to teach a dog to drive a car.

That being said, the definition of sexual assault seems to include, "consented at the time but regretted it later for some reason so I'm going to report it." Whatever one's view on that it does happen, often. Yes, there are also plenty of cases where the woman never reports it but in the end it's a huge muddled mess so any concrete stats are impossible to come up with. Do the former outnumber the latter or vice-versa? NOBODY KNOWS! Anyone who says they know or pretends to know is lying.

The way I look at it is that rape is a crime of opportunity, just like larceny (I'm not saying they're equivalent in terms of emotional trauma or anything like that, but merely in terms of how the occur). Is it the victim's fault that their laptop was stolen when they left it unattended in a library for hours? No, it is the thief's fault for stealing it, BUT the victim didn't do anything to prevent the crime. They created the opportunity for it to happen needlessly. They should have known better.

Likewise a girl going to a frat party alone, dressed as most are and drinking heavily... that's a hell of a lot of opportunity being presented to a lot of drunk horny guys. It's a BAD IDEA. There's tempting fate then there's holding up raw meat in front of a rabid dog. Why do we have to tell guys to behave themselves but we can't tell women "Uh, yeah, don't do the equivalent of walking around with a "I'm easy, nail me!" neon sign flashing over your head mKay?" without being accused of being misogynistic jerks? Newsflash: preventing the opportunity is THE BEST WAY to prevent a crime of opportunity from happening! That's why we have door locks, car locks, light timers, etc.! No, they shouldn't be raped, but many aren't because THEY AVOID THOSE SITUATIONS AT ALL COSTS! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and all that jazz.

Yes, it's true that you can take all the precautions and still be victimized, but that's a remarkably rare event truth be told. Criminals look for the easiest targets. That's what they do. Your job in life is to avoid being the easiest target if at all possible. You don't walk down the street in the ghetto "kicking stones", you don't fill up your car in the ghetto after dark, you don't go walking down the street flashing money and if you're a woman you don't go to a party alone, get wasted while wearing skimpy clothing if you don't want to risk some horny drunk guy pawing you. YOU. JUST. DON'T. DO. IT. It's a BAD IDEA. Bad things are almost certain to happen! If they don't happen it's a bit of a miracle!

Yes, that's an extreme example, but far from impossible to imagine. I can drive down Washtenaw Ave. (where most of the frats are in town) pretty much any weekend in September and see the above scenario playing out time and time again. I don't do that (really, I avoid the area like the plague lest I'm a witness to something I'd much rather not see as a civilian) but, hey, it is what it is.

Is this a non-PC worldview? Yup. I couldn't care less about being PC. Criminals don't. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there and we're all wearing milk bone underwear. You better cover your own ass, nobody else is going to cover it for you. If more parents taught their kids (boys AND girls) that this would be a far better place.
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