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Wow, besides splurging and spending $55 or so for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas CD Trilogy, I also did something down and dirty today.

I've lived LBMM for too many years now with really very little to show for it. So, today, I took the plunge.

I had a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. I'd never been in a Starbucks until just the last hour.

I really need a new job that pays more. As an example, if anyone read the comment I posted that I received from a teacher, starting pay for teachers in this area is more than I, an almost 8 year veteran of the police department, make.

I may de-favoritize this board and the board I started called FIRE Wannabees.

I make less than the average american, live in a smaller house than the average american, only have 1 years worth of money saved up after 6 years of some serious saving and I'm literally tired of stressing about every penny.

So, I need to either give up my quest to better the world and try to find a real job, or I need to sell my small house and move to a trailer. I could get divorced, still live with my wife, and have her get welfare and we'd be doing better than we are now. I'm being cynical here, but I see so many others that do stuff like this.

But, after venting a bit in this post, maybe I'll just hang in their and see what happens. I am reading Tom Sawyer's Prince and Pauper which I started last night and it's a really good book. Maybe my pauper lifestyle will one day improve. <grin> But, I'll keep a smile on my face no matter what.

Oh, a month or so ago I quit drinking beer. I figured that was one thing I could cut out to reduce spending. It is helping, but it sucks to have to do this.

Sorry for the vent. <grin> I'm good again.

Pardon for reposting your vent. It hit a chord with me and I wanted to respond here. I agree completely.

While my job pays better, I am burned out in it. I am a paperpusher. I take one piece of paper, change the format of the information and make more paper. I add no value to the company, other than performing the job and take almost no satisfacation in it. My customers don't care much and few follow instructions on what to do.

I have struggled for the last five years to get ahead. I was actually better off five years ago, in terms of cash, than I am today. I was saving a good amount each month and things were looking pretty good. I wasn't even worried about the tech bubble busting.

Now, I have a house, well an apartment. It is a very small place, less than 800 square feet. It is somewhat depressing that I can't even pace if I wanted to. I paid off an $80,000 loan in three years. I used up every cent of cash I had. I now own the house and can't be forced out, but I can't afford a nice HDTV for the living room.

I also got married, but my wife is good financially and hasn't run up bills or anything. This is a good part.

I've kept at the 401K and had some good gains(well, good to me) over the last three years. I've kept at the 401k, even when I dropped my contribution to 6%, just enough to get the full company match. So I have a bright spot.

But, I just got out of the hospital. The bill was just over $11,000. I don't have the cash for that either, it is sitting on my visa card. I will pay it off in 4 months. I'm waiting for a reimbursement check from the insurance company, but I don't have much faith in that.

It doesn't seem to matter much that I cut corners and save pennies. I don't seem to have much going. I think it will matter in a few years. But right now, as the winter sets in and the sky darkens earlier and earlier. It does look bleak.

Just wanted to share. I think your plan is working, you have a year's salary saved. That is a good accomplishment. The interest on it should help you save the next year's worth of salary faster and then the next one even faster. At least, that is what I keep thinking.

Keep the faith.


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