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Mebbe we cain't kill them all. Saudi & Egypt birth rates are at least twice the US's. And it appears that there is little westernization of their tribal Islamic society.

Curt may be right in regard to western civilizations. But likely incorrect in regard to Islamic tribal societies.

What really bothers many Saudis is why, with all the affluence in their kingdom there are so many educated young men, from good families, who go off to join Islamic terrorist groups. The answer has a lot to do with what opportunities Saudi society offers its young men, and what is done (or, rather, not done) to help them prepare for the future.
The official unemployment rate in Saudi Arabia is 11 percent, but many of those men are unemployed by choice and the unofficial rate is over 20 percent.

Arabs tend to have a very high opinion of themselves, and most jobs available, even to poorly educated young men, do not satisfy. Thus most Saudis prefer a government job, where the work is easy, the pay is good, the title is flattering, and life is boring. In the non-government sector of the economy, 90 percent of the Saudi jobs are taken by foreigners. These foreigners comprise 27 percent of the Saudi population, mostly to staff all the non-government jobs. This means most young Saudi men have few challenges. One might say that many of them are desperate for some test of their worth, and a job in the competitive civilian economy does not do it. These jobs are considered boring and, well, not worthy of a descendent of the mighty Bedouin tribes that have long controlled the area. Being a terrorist, even if it means a quick death as a suicide bomber, is considered a preferable alternative to helping run the civilian economy. The Saudi government knows that it is essential that Saudis actually run the economy. But they must force businesses to hire less efficient and more troublesome Saudi employees. Foreigners work harder, for less and cause fewer problems. Currently 30 percent of employees (in commercial enterprises) must be Saudis, and that percentage will keep going up. On the plus side this is causing more demand for employers to be allowed to hire Saudi women, who also work harder and are less inclined to give the boss a hard time.

In the West, the most effective businesses are corporations where nepotism (family ties) are discouraged, if not outright forbidden.

It comes down to a different cultural attitude towards taking responsibility for your actions. It's human nature to avoid failure, or taking responsibility for a mistake. Thus we have the concept of "saving face." One reason the West has made such economic, cultural, military and social progress in the last five hundred years is because they developed a habit of holding people responsible for their actions and giving out the rewards based on achievement. In the West, this sort of thing is taken for granted, even if it is not always practiced.

But in much of the rest of the world, especially the Arab world, things are different. Most Arab countries are a patchwork of different tribes and groups, and Arab leaders survive by playing one group off against another. Loyalty is to one's group, not the nation.
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