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Does anyone follow this group and have any positions in it?

The first stock I bought after the FTD was ATHN. It has been doing pretty good. Today for example it is up 8% for no reason.

Here are the others in this group I know of.


The mining/gold group is the #1 subgroup in IBD and held up quite well throughout the recent correction. I have not found any decent bases in this group though.

Computer Software-Medical is #4. It was #23 6 weeks ago and #110 7 months ago. These Computer Software-Medical subgroup stock seem to be lumped into the Software category in IBD's tables. How do we go about finding the best computer software-medical stocks? They used to sell a book that had the stocks in each category? Is something like this still out there? Free maybe?
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ATHN, QSII and CERN very strong. CERN and QSII just breaking out. QSII on strong volume today. Could do worse.
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