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Subject:  Re: Child Tax Credit Date:  7/14/1999  6:56 PM
Author:  BobCPA Number:  17315 of 127907

I'm sorry, Bob, if I said something wrong or offensive. I was trying to clarify the poster's frustration of having credits he couldn't use and your post seem to infer he could possibly use them.

No offense taken. But what I was implying (since it was my reply) is that if he couldn't use the child tax credit to offset income tax, that in some cases he "could" use the unused portion of it in some form to get a refund. Because if the unused child tax credit is $0 the (refundable) additional child tax credit is $0. I didn't go into the details of how to compute the 2 worksheets and additional form 8812 to calculate the additional child tax credit (i.e. take the amount from line 7 of the child tax credit worksheet and put it on line 6 of form 8812... blah, blah, blah). This would have been more confusing then simply mentioning the fact that the unused portion of the child tax credit could be used in "ultimately" getting him a refund. Maybe I should have mentioned the additional child tax credit as well, but his post asked about the child tax credit. If you don't follow the logic in that then lets just agree to disagree and not waste the time of the good people here with a flame war. Besdies, I'm sure the IRS would be able to explain this more clearly to TomDA then either one of us. ;^)

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