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Subject:  Crazy brother Date:  9/15/2003  6:08 PM
Author:  tab8221 Number:  761 of 5245

Conversation with 29 y.o. brother at a party at my mom's house:

Somebody: I'd love to be able to retire to [someplace]
Bro: Yeah, me too.
Bro (to me): How old do you have to be to retire, anyway?
Me: What do you mean? Whenever you have enough money to.
Bro: If you're rich maybe. But for normal people, when do they give you the money?
Me: Ummm........ who? Social security?
Bro: Uh, yeah, or pension or whatever. Who gives you the money?
Me: Teacher's pension? [note: Bro was a teacher for 2 yrs in illinois, contributing to teacher's pension. Now a paralegal]
Bro: Yeah, I guess. Is that all?
Other teacher in room: Right now its 65 I think. Soon it'll probably be 67 or so. When you're old enough, who knows? Are you gonna become a teacher again?
Bro: Um, no. I had enough. So social security then, when do you get that?
Somebody: In your 60's. It'll change by then, you probably won't get that either.
Bro: Hmm.... well I hope I get to retire someday.

Then people started complaining about the economy and goverment and how they mismanage money, etc.... Not a good group of people to start a "Maybe you should save some money on your own so you don't have to rely on the government" conversation, consisting of several retirees and near-retirees who wouldn't take it well, and I don't want to upset my mom's friends. OK, I'm a wimp. There were maybe a dozen people present, and instead of listening to them all complain helplessly about when they'd get money, I took the opportunity to mingle in the other room, where people discussed movies.

Hmmm.... have to have a talk with brother in private one of these days though. His wife controls their finances and she probably has things planned out, but its painful that he's so clueless.... It shocked me that an intelligent person, which he definitely is, would be ok with just accepting you can retire when someone starts sending you money. Doesn't sound like he has any retirement savings anyway--that he knows about, anyway.

Typical attitude about retirement, you think? Or just my crazy brother? (and crazy friends of my mom)


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