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+11.19% overall to date since starting end of June 2011.

Closed out LTXC on schedule today (+80.8%).

Holding and pondering TSRA beyond the 12 month threshold (pays a divi and thinking there may be a cyclical uptick in it's price)

Closed out LMLP and POZN early (+83.4 and -7.13% respectively).

Didn't make any MFI purchases last month. Too busy/distracted.
Still have APOL, JCOM, NATR and PETS on my list to consider.

Just now looking at MFI stocks I've sold thus far...

+31% on the positions I've cashed out.
I guess that big difference from 11.19% overall is 'cause I tend to give losers at least the 12 month MFI window to work out but have pulled some winners off the table early.
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Thanks for the info. I'm curious as to what made you decide to close out LMLP and POZN early. Also, what's the ticker LTXC for? If it's LTX-Credence Corp., that doesn't look like it's changed that much over the last 12 months; +80% ?
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oops, good catch. I had some spreadsheet/coffee break typing confusion going there.

LMLP and LTXC next to each other in my spdsht. Had to have a bit of a head scratch... 83 vs 80% for LMLP was difference in me having last spdsheet update current value vs today's LMLP price at sale. Closed out LMLP with 83.4% gain.

Still holding LTXC. Did_not_ close out LTXC on schedule today, holding a bit longer along with TSRA as I ponder the semi-con cyclicals.
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