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I took the bait and signed up for Million Dollar Portfolio today. It wasn't as pricy as I thought it would be. $1,000 with a $400 discount to $600. For $200 more, I signed up for 2 years for $800.

Before Tim gets all excited and accidently gives himself a wedgie, yes Tim, GG is the best value in MF land.

I previously tried Special Ops. and MF Options, and canceled before the 30 days free trial was up, as I couldn't see cost justification/value without a port well in the 7 figures, as I wasn't prepared to allocate enough money to their recs to keep the membership fees to less than 2% of my investment. I'm also in SA, HG and RB. I haven't felt I've got much value out of them recently as I don't currently have any stocks from those services, although one good rec. purchased a year would cover the "vig". I thought I could cancel those to help justify the cost of MDP if I decided to renew.

Which gets me to the point of this post. Are any of you GG members also in MDP? And are you satisfied with the returns? I was suprised to see that the total return since inception is minus over 11%. It appears that they decided to be fully invested as of day one and put all of their money into S&P 500 funds while they started picking individual stocks. It was an unfortunate time to get started, during the crash, but shortly after that, in December, I gained control of my investments when my 401K was rolled over into an IRA. I went into a stock buying frenzy, with almost all of my purchases based on MF services recs. I had a large turnover in investments during the next few months, as I had the opportunity to do my own DD on the stocks I had purchased. Some, I decided, didn't have the return potential I was expecting, and some, with good gains, reached my "fair value" estimates by mid 2009. I ended the year with the majority of my stocks in GG recs, and having tripled my origional investment. (A once in a lifetime opportunity in my opinion). The MDP is advertised as a service picking the "best of the best" from all of the MF services, which I would have thought would have brought much better returns. Any feedback would be appreciated. I guess I have 30 days of "head scratchen time" to make a final decision. I'm disappointed in the usual MF "HYPE" on their services, which distorts the actual results with expectations of outsized gains.

To try to put this rambling post into perspective (I'm on my third scotch) I think the MF has the best group of analysts to be found on the planet. OK, you can pat yourself on the back Tim, your dedication to the members, by your frequent posting, should be an inspiration to all the MF staff. Your being willing to respond to posters with the moniker "I can't buy a clue" as well as ones challenging your competence in stock picking and SELLING is to be admired. Nathan is also good, as he doesn't post as often, but offers insightfull comments. If he picked as many flakey stocks as you, he could post more often. LOL

Ops, the wife just got home and I haven't started dinner yet. Trials and tribulations of being retired. If anyone is still reading, what do you think about MDP?
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If he picked as many flakey stocks as you, he could post more often.

You've discovered my secret!?!

But seriously, MDP is a great value if you're looking for portfolio guidance, although I will say that due to some of the volume limitations associated with telling people what you want to buy before you buy it, we do have the luxury of being a little more exotic (small, pink sheets, etc.) here at GG.

But I love both services and am proud to be a part of them.

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I have been MDP as well as with many others (MF Pro, Options, Special Ops, Big Short, GG, HG ).

For the price MDP is very good. As about the returns, MDP is yet to become break even, however, MDP has improved a lot since inception especially with the addition of Tim and the global bucket theme.

Since, all the services are fairly new, it may not make much sense to compare their returns yet. However, my personal favorite is MF Pro and Options and that is because of the advisors: Jeff Fisher in Pro and Jeff and Jim Gilles in Options. Their contribution on the boards in answering questions and responding to individual's portfolio concerns is just amazing. In terms of boards participation they are as good as Tim over here in GG Land.

I don't buy everything from MDP, I just pick and choose and mostly follow the best buys and Tim's picks.

Hope you enjoy MDP.

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Good post, I'm glad to get some others feedback on Pro & Options.

I have just started to dabble in options (mostly LEAPS), and would be interested in learning more about the pro or options service once they open again.

Like most, I have learned 100x times from being a premium fool that i did before i took the plunge. My first try was GG. I am not at GG, HG, SA and just won a years subscription to MDP.

So far, I like MDP, as having a model portfolio with guidance is nice. I was suprised to see how close my current portfolio is to their portfolio in terms of allocation and stock picks. They also have full access to many of the premium reports, and have a VERY nice "watch list" where they add and subtract stock picks from all fool services, then choose the ones they like most (just like I did for my own portfolio).

I'm not sure if I will buy into pro or options, as my portfolio is big but not so big that i can justify the cost to myself (or the mrs.). As it (hopefully) grows, im sure ill take the plunge.

I consider the costs to be very, very, very low fees for gaining an education in investing. Eventually, I'm sure I'll become a duke street member, as I'm fully addicted to

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What are the chances of two GG Fools named Brian both winning subscriptions to MDP?

Congrats on the W, Brian. See you around here and MDP.

I have to agree that the portfolio approach and video coverage at MDP is very nice. However, I have to echo the Swede that GG is my favorite service. I very much enjoy the approach that Tim, Nate and Nathan have taken.

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While I am a very satisfied member of MF services (I subscribe to GG, SA, HG, and RB), I have to say that MDP seemed substandard. I subscribed and followed MDP for one year, and I walked away dissatisfied for a number of reasons.

I realize that MDP started its service at the downturn of the market, but I dont think that is the only reason for its performance. The market was bad, but equally, if the discipline was there, there was great opportunity to pick up companies at bargain basement prices. I would argue that if MDP teaches portfolio allocation, it fell short during the recession. Maybe I'm wrong, but did MDP make at least an equal number of purchases at the top of the market as the bottom in different sectors? I'd like to think that even small purchase amounts in good (didn't have to be great) companies at good and bad times in the market would have put them at break-even. The advanced investors would have bought even more near the market bottom.

In addition, I thought MDP should be a great service because it could reach out to all the MF advisors and analysts, get their best ideas, and purchase at any time. I'd like to think if Bill Mann, Tim Hanson, and David Gardner all worked in the same building as me, my portfolio would be much stronger. But the high membership fee (relative to the ones I subscribe to) for ideas picked from those same newsletters was another reason to be dissatisfied.

If I'm wrong, please let me know. I can't post on the MDP board because I'm no longer a member there. It's not that I think that the advisors dont work hard or believe in their decisions. However, one of the great -- if not greatest -- thing about the MF is learning with everyone else, and I feel I almost went backwards with that service and paid money to do so.

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