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In case you missed the posts on The Zero Waste Home on other boards:

Slide show from Sunset Magazine:

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Bea Johnson's blog:

This lifestyle can save serious money as well as greatly reduce waste. Note how few articles of clothing and other items this family owns.

I'm subletting in NYC for 6 months to babysit for my grandson. I am living with minimal belongings quite happily. Of course, I've already had some practice spending summers on our RV, but now I can't wait to sell our 2500 sq ft home and most of the stuff in it. Moving more permanently to NYC will mean we can afford up to half the average apartment price of $1MM. We'll probably be living in a 600-800 sq ft apartment, most likely in Harlem, where my daughter lives (to give a little context, my 250-300 sq ft Harlem tenement walkup is $1400/month plus all utilities). I'm trying to determine which makes more financial sense, buying or renting. Renting something comparable to what we'd buy would mean at least $2500/month. Ouch. (We'd be paying cash, not getting a mortgage so I'm comparing shelling out cash that can no longer generate income versus shelling out rent that can be raised at every lease renewal. I don't want a mortgage as a retired, middle-class, middle-ageed person.
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Big difference between Harlem and Lowcountry SC. After visiting the Harlem area a few years ago, I would love to live in that area. Ah, to live in a place with convenient public transporation, giving up my car, and downsizing. Sounds like a dream.

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You don't have to make an immediate decision on buying. Rents will increase, but owning has its own issues. Owning means that you are responsible for repairs, but getting repairs done in an apartment can be a challenge. You are tied to one location, which could be good or bad. It all depends on how good your crystal ball is at predicting the future.
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