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These last few posts have been a bit disappointing. Please allow me a few constructive comments and observations that I hope you will take in the good faith that they are offered:

1) You are a novice investor. I don't mean that in a derogatory sense but the fact is, you just started investing in 2000 as you freely admit. You really have lost your sense of importance in the investment world as you declare that you are the savior who has arrived to offer a previously unrecognized point of view. In fact, your point of view is in the majority and there is nothing you are saying that has not been said by many others well before you were saying it. You somehow now imply that you "can see it is virtually impossible to change peoples beliefs about LTBH, GG principles, stock options, the economy, or in fact anything else." I have seen this same attitude by the longs when we were in a bull run that I liken to an "I'm bigger than the market" attitude that will ultimately make you look bad. In the bull run, we saw the "nugget masters" popping in with this obscure company or that. In your case it is “sell sell sell” as the market continues to tank in the worst bear market in decades. My point is that you enamor yourself by merely happening on a stage that is so far going the direction you spout. The day will come that you will be perceived with far more scrutiny and your actions and comments going forward will allow you either a soft or hard landing as you choose.

2) This is your first bear market and you have little experience with bull markets. Your incessant predictions while riding the hard right edge show your inexperience. The more experienced know better……………… as the hard right edge is a very slippery place.

3) You admit to little experience with valuations

4) You post more opinions from others than your own. In fact, you often just post a bunch of referenced articles with little editorializing. I really don't see some major exposes that you have authored presenting unique thought or processes.

5) You really have left yourself a great deal of wiggle room in your posts with vacillations of market direction, timing, etc. You will no doubt call upon that wiggle room regardless of market direction to “prove” you were right again. In fact, you will not be.

6) You seem to want attention and that will be your downfall. You cannot be bigger than the market. Why is it so important to you that you always be right?

7) You communicate by anecdote rather than reason and that comes across as antagonism rather than simple disagreements.

8) You have created a lifelong investment philosophy based on your 2 year experience and have little back testing or hard data to back up your disdain for other investment philosophies.

Lastly, and most importantly, you are creating some havoc on this board with posts concerning "Mish" taking up long threads of wasted time and effort when we should be discussing ways to make money. I hope you will find a way to be polite and recognize that you are too much a distraction to be of great value and move on as you have offered.

While you have implied a “shoot the message” persona on this board, I can tell you that IMHO, it doesn't exist as I commonly see disagreements (some of which I have had) and these discussions remain confined to the message rather than the messenger. These various discussions have included some of your favorites including bears, bulls, Gorilla gaming, LTBH and the like. You argument that the NPI cannot handle these discussions is wholly unfounded and if anything points to your misunderstanding of the contributors here.

Human interaction is a complicated event as someday you will recognize. Communicating as a team (give and take) is very different from that of a CEO (i.e. your opinion is the last that counts). The board format requires communication in teams (unless of course you are Warren Buffet). Great communicators know how to get their message across and they use various styles at various times to do so. Here you sit today so very young and inexperienced but perhaps with more potential than most yet…………your message is wasted by your inability to understand how to communicate. I wish you well in your personal and professional growth and hope one day you understand how your life can be enhanced by improving your communication and humility.

BTW, as I have grown weary of these threads I shall refrain from any further discussion of the like and hope you will as well.
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