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MKC crossover next step to reviving Lincoln

Job One was fixing the Ford brand. The second act is reinvigorating Lincoln.

It's no accident that the first two products of what Lincoln says will be four all-new vehicles over the next four years are a midsize sedan -- the MKZ -- and the compact MKC. The growth in the luxury market is fueled by younger buyers looking for smaller, fuel-efficient and affordable status symbols.

The MKC won't go on sale until 2014, but the concept that will be shown Monday at the 2013 North American International Auto Show will be very close to the production car.

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I realize the plural of anecdote is not data but...

FWIW, my 3 teen and young adult daughters all think Lincoln is a cool nameplate and to be desired someday. They don't have such an interest in high end Euro or Japanese brands. Interesting... Lincoln apparently not viewed by them as a gramma/grandpa badge.

Small sample but if Peter Lynch's 'pay attention to your wife and daughters" advice means anything it's worth a look. Don't know what it means. Small sample, SoCal coastal urban style sensibilities.
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Been a Mercury owner for 8 years (2004 & 2008 Sables) and now must make a choice late this year. I have not been impressed with either my present 2008 Merc Sable or the "near luxury" Lincoln MKZ that may be the next contender. The styling of the 2013 MKZ looks much better, however, I will be looking closer at Toyota & Nissan.

I run 40,000 per year with my day & night jobs. I have been with Taurus and now Sable since 1999. Electronic goodies are appreciated in the current Sable but design and performance (especially handling) need to be up to world class if I am going to Lincoln.
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