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Has anyone tried Moneydance?

I've downloaded the free trial and think I may make the switch.

I'm currently test driving it with some fictitious info just to see how it works.

A few things I like right off the bat, like memorized bills being able to be committed to more than 31 days in advance (I like to project out 2 months with my bills) and MSMoney required doing it manually.

Format is a touch different than MSMoney, but that will just take a bit to get used to.

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Hi Scott,
How's it going with MoneyDance? I just perused the website and downloaded the trial version, but haven't messed with it yet. I'd like to hear more about it, if you have more to share....

Mike in NJ
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In the midst of the MSMoney Meltdown, I uninstalled and reinstalled it... although it didn't immediately fix the situation. I downloaded Money Dance and eventually Quicken to try to restart my financial recording.

Money Dance looked amateurish, but looks like it would work. The issue is with moving the data. I had fiddled with it a bit, and essentially you need to export one msmoney account at a time and import it into Money Dance.

The issue was trying to get the accounts to import as the right type. My investment accounts didn't import right, they imported as bank accounts. Additionally, if my ING Checking made payments to all my credit card accounts, and I imported my ING account, moneydance would setup any account with a transfer from ING as a new bank account... lots of loose ends to chase to make things match up.

I think the way to do it, and what I plan on attempting this winter near the 1st of the year is to rename all my accounts with simple names B01, B02, B03,... for bank accounts (including closed accounts), I01, I02, etc for investments. L01, L02, for car loans and mortgage accounts

First I would rename them in my existing MSMoney. Then begin creating the accounts B01, B02, etc in moneydance as the correct type. And continue until I had EVERY account setup without transactions in moneydance to mirror msmoney.

Once ALL of them were established, I would begin exporting them one by one and importing them into moneydance, and then finally rename them.

After I saw how much work moneydance was, I bought Quicken and was extremely disappointed with their claim of being able to convert msmoney data - no loans are converted, so I had HUGE fictitious surpluses that were the sum of all the mortgage payments and car payments I had ever entered in MSMoney.

After banging around with moneydance and then quicken, I began receiving a popup on msmoney that I needed to download and install an update for my recently reinstalled msmoney... which got rid of my issue and I put moneydance aside for the time being.

I will most likely pickup the trail with moneydance near the beginning of next year when I can make the decision to either archive my old money info and start fresh or take the time to import account by account. I have always done transfers between accounts for loan and credit card payments, which definitely complicates the process since you then need to create all the close accounts with transfers to/from other accounts.

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