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There is a pretty interesting article in this weeks Business Week about the cost of plastic as they put it. Here is the URL:

Its interesting and offers some insight to a issue that was debate some a few weeks ago about how the poor credit industry is going to maximize their profits. I guess to no ones surprise these changes are going to be little and not real visible, but effective, SO WATCH OUT. Things like reducing grace periods from 25 to 20 or none at all. Others might be putting a cap on the amount that cards that pay 2% back payout per year of say $500.00 max per year.

They also mentioned that for each customer lost it takes credit card companies 5x in cost to replace you the lost consumer. Intersting stat huh.

Also this has a good link for on-line resource for credit card info:

It looked pretty good for card searching and rate/comparison shopping for cards.

Have fun all - in general - READ THE FINE PRINT AND WATCH OUT!!!!

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