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to confirm my earlier forecasts, tlc continues to lose mkt share:

for those who don't remember, last time round, tlc didn't admit to losing mktshare and finally when it became obvious tanked.

as for not using rebates...tlc is offering $20.00 rebates again at business depot.

but things are falling so fast that tlc is now also returning to use the 'net to zero' mail in rebates on Brod titles! didn't take tlc long to discount them,

and well, lay off employees.

since this report was emailed late friday, it explains the fall in tlc late in the day.
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Actually, there was a sale of about 20K shares about the time the Starr report was released, then the price started to go back up until the market closed. Not hard to imagine someone having had the sense to buy at $16 earlier in the week and taking a nice profit before a possible big selloff.

As for the PC data numbers, I think they will continue to show a modest decline until later weeks of September, due to the product ship dates. Let's see if you're still quoting PC data in October, or if you'll have to look for other scary stories.

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