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Thanks, HR department. At least you could've kissed me.

They made a change last August, that they weren't going to pre-pay school term bills any more. Buried in the fine print (but on the company network, where I can't see it any more) is the other condition -- they aren't going to pay the school any more, they're going to pay me.

Wonderful, you think? No. Because they are waiting for a paid-in-full receipt from the fall semester; and my school helpfully defers any bill until 6 weeks after the last grades go out. So I don't have a receipt from the school, and can't get one. Catch-22.

After some uncomfortable phone calls, I discovered that the spring Stafford loan was applied against the fall semester and part of the spring semester. Now the trick is to get the controllers' office to issue some sort of "paid in full" receipt that I can submit and get my money back from the tuition aid people.


On a happier note, this is my last day of "leisure." I start my new job on Monday. Let's hope their tuition plan is a bit better than the old one.
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What is your new job again? I forgot...Good luck with the schooling and with the new job! You start on my birthday... I'll be home, sleeping in. I took the day off.
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I'll be doing electronic commerce and EDI for Johnson & Johnson Sales & Logistics Company.
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