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Crew feedback please...

Here's our regular homepage;

Here's our Loan Officer's "front door" homepage;

(Brief explanation; All of our LO's are getting their own "Corner Office" page, with URL going to their biz cards, and email sig files. All of their marketing efforts, adverts, etc. lead customers to THEIR OWN page... so organically-generated leads & referrals (those the loan officer may have caused by advert, referral or reputation, but would be otherwise unaware of) are "tagged" to that Loan Officer's credit & database.)

The regular home page is pretty densely packed...
The LO page hasn't been updated with the new stuff from the regular homepage...

What, if anything, should we leave off the LO home page to avoid growing too long & deep?

PLUS, (as always,) all productive criticisms fully welcomed!!!

Thanks all!
Dave Donhoff
National Mortgage Broker/Banker
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One standard reply is to cross-post this on the Webmasters Corner of TMF:
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