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Another spinoff. I really believe the card company will be a lot better off once it is away from the mothership....

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I agree. I wish Morgan Stanley wasn't trading at a 52 week high. I want to look into this. I think it may be one to buy before the spinoff as both companies are pretty solid. Looks like there's a fair amount of time, but it also looks like the market is viewing the spinoff favorably since there was a bump in the price after the announcement.

In other news, Medtronic is spinning off their defibrillator unit.

This one looks interesting too. I am hoping for some indiscriminate selling indicators on this one.

I haven't looked at either too much. I hope to dig in over the next few weeks.

Take care and have a happy holiday!

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I'm very new to this, but I was curious if anyone has found a way to evaluate MS and Discover separately. Also, has a date been announced on this one?
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