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Now this has exploded a bit. My fiance's mother has been a bit negative for a while now, trying to push on dress colors, flower colors, wedding look, etc. She's kind've just taken her suggestions, accepted some and brushed others off to this point.

But now, over the photographer, this has just gotten to another level. They claim they don't like the photographer, they don't want video of the ceremony (they would be "stiff as a board" if they knew they were being photographed & video'ed). We really like the photojournalistic style where they stay in the background and take pictures of everything that goes on, documentary-like, including the pre-ceremony dressing time. But her mother has said she'd be so uncomfortable and refuse to be in the room with the photographer in advance. It is *not* about money, that I'm sure... besides, we'd be happy to pay for it.

What should we do?
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I may be 2 for 2 on resolving issues before I get a response. Heh. We emailed them last night seeking a compromise that everyone can get some of what they want while accepting something they don't. We got a pretty positive response saying they'll try to put their preconceived notions aside and that we (us, not them) shouldn't have to compromise. Although we'll still offer to. We'll see how it goes next time we have a disagreement, but, things are moving in the right direction.
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