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Anyone have a motorized scooter out there? I have been giving some thought to getting one to mount on the back of my motorhome. Any thoughts on size and any issues with legal things (like not being able to ride them on any National Park roads)? I am considering a smaller one. They only do 35 MPH, but that should be enough to get me around. I don't intend to ride it on the Interstates (ha-ha).
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Anyone have a motorized scooter out there?

We have a Yamaha Riva. I think it's 150cc (not sure), and the top speed is around 65. Or 40 if you're going up a slight grade, or 20 up a real hill. Ha ha ha.

It's automatic transmission, and a snap to ride. It's also heavier getting up and down on the carrier, but it does have enough pep for carrying both Mrs. Goofy and I if we want to ride together.

(Different situation: we tow the Tracker and take the scooter (on the front) for longer trips. We have different interests, and hate it when one person takes the car and the other is trapped at the campground.)

I had a custom carrier designed for the front of the rig, cost about $800. I've seen similar commercial applications for a rear trailer hitch; don't know the price, but I'm sure they're cheaper. (At first I used a platform carrier on the back trailer hitch; that cost about $125, IIRC.) But loading it up there was tough.

The biggest trouble is getting it up and down onto the rack, which takes about 5 minutes.

We very much enjoy using the scooter, and we have used it in many "parks", national, state, local and otherwise, and have never gotten in trouble for it. (It's also quiet; it's not a motorcycle.)

I have seen some of the really small electric scooters at some flea markets and have been intrigued by them (since they're light enough to pick up, practically), but I haven't really investigated them. I've seen lots of other folks with the smaller (90cc) scooters, some with two of them!

Anyway, if you get closer to a decision and want to see a picture of the carrier or any other advice, just ask.
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Typically, the biggest concern about mounting things on the back of an MH are (1) what it does to your total vehicle weight (increases it, of course), and (2) what it does to the balance and handling of your rig, to have that slug of weight so far behind your rear wheels. It's hard to steer if the front wheels don't have a firm grip on the ground.
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