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In 2013 I'm up for an upgrade to my HP Mini. Checkin' out the Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet:

But will I buy the Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet? Probably not.

1) Will it be faster than a HP Mini with Intel Atom 1.66 GHz CPU?

2) I love the HP Mini, but it just can't handle basic email with MS Office fast enough, nor powerful enough for Windows 7.

3) I don't need another tablet, I have an iPad that syncs with my iMac.

4) I do need a PC mini laptop to run MS Office for PC.

I wonder why didn't Microsoft accept iPad as King and make a touch screen Mini laptop with a regular keyboard that was designed to maximize efficiency of MS Office apps I use every day like Outlook, Word, and Excel?

I'm sure they did their research, but did they ask business people who I guess are their primary customers?

I would've told them exactly what I need: a faster HP Mini that runs MS Outlook flawlessly.

Reality check: Microsoft didn't anticipate my business process, so I may just upgrade and fully convert to Apple with a MacBook Air 11" put the PC in the bin, and change my business process to be 100% Apple in a fully integrated system.

To be sure this is not Apple fanaticism. I don't own a iPhone. I don't like cell phones.
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I still have XP Pro on my Macbook, but have no plans at present to upgrade. I do have clients that necessitate my use of Access and a Windows-based accounting system, but I can do that remotely without Windows.

I do like Access still, and have long wished they would port it to the Mac. But I have broken down and purchased Filemaker Pro Advanced 12, so that will be my database.

I haven't decided yet whether an iPad is a waste of my time or not.
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