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From the latest MSN article:
'Editor's note: When originally published, this column contained an item about electronics components maker Celeritek (CLTK) in relation to a new process for the manufacture of high-speed semiconductors that uses a material called indium phosphide. My comments were based on a review of federal regulatory documents, press releases and a discussion with a Celeritek official. Subsequent to publication, however, Celeritek's chief executive clarified in an interview that the firm makes components using indium gallium phosphide, a different material. In light of this, I'm going to research more and re-evaluate whether the firm should be on the list of potential 10,000% gainers I'm assembling with the help of members of the SuperModels community. I'll comment again in my next column.'

His next column should be out by now, keep an eye out.

There is also a message board with a couple of interesting comments. I can see how the stock jumped after reading that message board. Markman's readers / fans treat his words as gospel. They act like the man can do no wrong.

I'm holding steady. It should be an interesting 30 days for CLTK. This sector and biotech are the market's darlings right now.
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