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Looks like Sumner Redstone has filed documents to take MWY private.

Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Chalk up another takeover found. Sold half for double; at current price remaining shares are over a four-bagger.

Life is good.

Only question is what price will he pay for MWY now? It could go down 10% or so, or up by more, so for the present time I am holding the shares.

Looking for more takeover targets. I dunno if anyone follows this board or not, but I sure would love some other possibilities....have not bought SDAY even though Huwei has taken a stake, but am still looking at it.
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Hey Hochizen,

I read your posts! :)

emiller just posted a possible takover candidate at the Foolish Collective Board:

The Company announced earlier this year that they had engaged William Blair, an investment banker...
to “explore strategic alternatives.” That means "let's see if the
comapny should be sold"

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Sorry for not replying sooner.....I didn't check the board, since it seems I am usually posting to no one.

Anyway, Reinhold DOES look interesting. I need to keep digging. The retention of the firm does suggest a takeover is being sought.....but there are a few things that tend to suggest a takeover isn't imminent. First, there are no third partys in the industry who have taken a stake. Second, there isn't much insider buying....the insider buying taking place suggest it is directors fees or small options being given. I am going to dig further though....if it turns out the CEO is an older guy (hopefully the founder) then I would pick some up, especially if there aren't any family members who are involved in the a small company, when the founder retires he often does it by selling the company.

Just my thoughts.........
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