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Last night on Twitter, Charles V. Payne, a contributor to Fox News, laid out the ordeal he, his wife and a close friend and mentor were going through, all thanks to government red tape.

His friend recently lost his daughter. Payne’s wife needs a heart transplant. His friend offered them his daughter’s heart.

Overwhelmed, they accepted.

Then the government got involved:

<many tweets>

Behold, government compassion.

Whatever happened to “my body, my choice?”

Choice only matters in abortion, I guess.
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Last night on Twitter,…

The original story broke on 10/11 not the 13th. Charles Payne tweeted later on 10/11 that they got the ok for the transplant and were heading to CA. He then sent a message on 10/12 that the transplant was a success.

There are a lot of guidelines in place for transplanted to maximize the probability of success and even out the chances for people living in different geographic areas. There's also a lot of attention towards situations that go outside the guidelines - that is partially to make sure there isn't financial or other pressures involved. (Does anyone really believe Micky Mantle got two livers transplanted because he just happened to pop to the top of the list?)

I'm glad this all worked out for the families involved and they were able to work thru the paperwork with only a couple hours delay.

I have a family member waiting on a heart transplant and the unfortunate reality is that for him to survive it means that some other family lost their loved one.

At this point it would be good to think of the family of the young woman who was the donor.
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