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Though I reject both cultural and peer pressure when I paraphrase the Prisoner and say “I am a man, not a colored star” there are expectations and pleasantries associated with milestones which I choose to honor. This is my 5,000 post and I will take the opportunity to reflect on my foolish journey. As with most I started on the stock boards. Unlike most I registered before the “web” (while this was on AOL exclusively). Hence on my profile the “A Registered Fool Since at least December 1997,” appears. Since then it has been a great ride.

As with all academy-award-like-posts some people will be left out. This is unintentional and I mean no harm. If I have ever shared a thread with you or swapped an Email then thanks for helping me out and sharing my journey. I should have taken the cowards way out and not mentioned anyone but that seemed to fall flat.

First let me thank my Favorite Fools who are limited to those those whom
…I have personally met. They are CaveGirl, PoodleLover, MacMurph, SirYoda and my brother TJsBrother.

…Run my favorite board, BOPE. , Sunrunner4. Aaron you are my ambassador of Quan.

….have earned Lifetime achievement status by posting with quality and quantity on the same boards that I do, and also by sticking up for me when I'm not around. The only one on the list so far is Lisa6.

…Simbob (who no doubt regrets the limit on the number of times you can change your screenname in a given year) who I maintain as a favorite fool because I read everything he writes and he serves as a reminder that disagreement does not mean disrespect.

… and a new Favorite Fool added just today in recognition for doing the dirty work above and beyond the call of duty and helping to make these boards such an interesting place. TMFBogey.

Now onto my journey. My first real experience with the social boards was NADA. I enjoyed my limited time there but never really fit in. I would later return and learn a lesson in flame warring that has never needed repeating. To simbob, my former white whale and now someone I think of as a friend, and to all the other NADAians, JGC123, AngelMay,Angry Candy, AmandaHugginkiss, King Mullet, JJinLA, AOLFoolman, HopsMaltYeast, Seattle Pioneer, NoSeeUm, TheSilentType, Anigma, Ogrecat, wxegsr, Tony44 and Jiml8 all the others even if you have no idea who I am I give you thanks.

Then I wandered over to political asylum which seemed to fit me more. Simply put I learned a lot there and my time there has reshaped my view of the world and of people. My faith in each other was restored and I am now a cheery optimist. Considering that during my time there I was AdrianSpidle's and Simbob's “least favorite fool” simultaneously, I think I can say that I at least added to the conversation. Thanks in no particular to readyteddy, dovbaer, bcairns, ladyrollingstone, spikie, pidgi, the dean of PA mcemerson, tgrman, zman49, katinga , carajillo, pookiepuss, primenumbergirl, coloradoaggie, coolidgefool, foolme1111, Vile, jediknight, anigma, ericb888, stvfox, sicilliandragon, hammer89, jammerh, lurkermom, stonewalls, rinjr 715, noughitall, washu scotbb, lurker mom, vetiver, bwarbiany, sonofed, ironicfelix, trunks13, navy 58, cyanatic, fullerkz, , bobsutton, tori26 . I'm going to stop now even though I've left a lot of names off. I know this list is incomplete. All the inmates have a special place in my heart.

It was MacMurph who lured me from the thematic social boards to the more fun oriented ones. Gimme My Recs was a major hang out for a while. Since I couldn't maintain the read and rec protocols I eventually wandered away. Thanks to Robjankus, redbarron7, AlsoChorizo, bigbunkler, primesuspect, duchessbeerho, amishtrash, Johnny billions, jukeboxhero, fondapenny, moellman, ntoriousdan, gabe, sonnycher wildcat, the doppel treborjames, greglorton, plaidprincess, rosebear, ramsees, again too many names and not enough memory. However special thanks goes out to my favorite GMRer DomingoKnife who will always be a very favorite fool of mine.

From there I wandered the boards like Cain from Kung Fu. I enjoyed spending time at 77's House of Pigskin, football guys don't need individual accolades so to the whole board thanks and well done Raider77, clones and the rest of you. I was also Satisfied with my stars and recs. On to our Military Fools… to all my Bros thanks and take care of each other. To Runkle and BinkleyBT a special thanks and special recognition to dcnelliot, the trauma surgeon who was the first line of care for the casualties of the battle of Mogadishu. A real fool hero. GOLAP is a nice board, thanks to JavaTraveler, TMFRavynous and others who post there. Also a warm thanks to the Fools in Colorado who have been the only fools I've met in real life. Chessboard of fury is also a nice haunt. Feninger, psuasskisser, tomobedlam and all the rest thanks. Peace and Boat Drinks to you JPS and the rest of the Martini Club. It took a while but I am a Fan. To the posters on the Geek boards Comic Book Reader; Star Trek; Tolkien Lewis etc… I won't “out you” but I thank each and everyone of you. To a classified board where I threatened to post my goldstar post but was dissuaded, I thank you for letting me “Lurk in the Shire.”

Then I got lost in the skunks, café l'eff, part of the board. Thanks to O-Man redsavina, sarcasmman, sedated, sync, TD3, UKBB, Knight427, Iserrin, agentpreppie, hockeyphool, wizardphool and all the rest.

I eventually went to ground and semiretired to the board of Pure Evil. To all the posters and officers I thank you. As recorded by SR4 they are SR4, Markux, MacMurph –Meppen99 (Anja) –Darkside LucidDreamer – DOPE of BOPE MarkandSusanV, 75007 – DOW2000 –TjsBrother - Iserrin –Rosebear –AgentPreppie Mapletree3 - Psuasskicker –JoolzRoolz And littlecodekitten the cafeteria worker. Also to Obviousman again (obviously) QAWoman, BRIANNR, dakerayes, UncleLee, bdluckyshot, Anigma, jh21045, jahford; cibeus, paiperairplane, dejakester, sync2sync, patchdodd, Bonhoeffer and TangerineKieth and the rest of you not listed by SR4.

Now that I've mentioned just about everyone in fooldom let me thank all those who have taken the time to make me a fave. Everyone I have encountered on this board has enriched me somehow. You are all to be commended.

Lastly to Kaigun. Where are you old friend. I miss you. If anyone has a line on him please let me know.

To any of you who have made it this far now, you now know why my 2K, 3K, and 4K posts had no content.
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