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My grandfather (back in the 60s) was a crossing guard in Palisade, NJ. I think he was over 65 at the time. He worked a few hours a day- some in the morning, some in the afternoon. Added to his SS, and not sure if he had union pension or not.....

It got him out of the house and took his mind off his medical problems.(problems from smoking 2 packs of cigs a day) It was a short walk to where he worked......he enjoyed helping the kids. Used to tell us about some. At the time I was under 12 years old.....

He was a sign painter/rigger back in the days of the big advertising signs in NYC before neon became a big deal. He worked all over Manhattan, including Times Square, Madison Sq Garden, Broadway......and worked on the famous sign with the 'smoke rings' coming out. Had to paint them from temporary scaffolds on ropes - some up them up 200-300 feet.

He was a survivor of the Johnstown flood which wiped out nearly all the town with a gigantic dam burst flood. He moved to the NYC area. He was a kid at the time.

He did that crossing guard bit for 5 or 6 years. I'm not sure if Medicare had already started by them or not, but there weren't $100,000 hospital bills. No major heart surgery or other expensive things back then. Not even most of the 'expensive' medicines yet.

I'm not sure if I can see 'individual' coverage costing $17,000 a year for a 59 year old...ObamaKare has run up insurance by 20%......I was paying $4000 a year two years ago before I got on Medicare. (high deductible)

Yeah......folks gotta have something to occupy their time. Going to the gym 3 hours a day and working out gets old after a while if that is all you do.

Not a bad job. You get weeks off just like the kids, likely get the long summer off...... get 'snow days' off , too , like the kids.

The downside is you are out there in the cold and wind and rain when that happens......or in the blistering sun for an hour or two a day. Just put on the insulated underwear, get some good thermal boots and a hat, and away you go. Most of the year is decent weather.

The guards get to know all the kids...and the helicopter moms.....

My other grandfather took a job as a 'ticket taker' at the local movie theater just down the block from where he lived (apartment). He did that for maybe 20 hours a week. It got him out of the house. Earned him some spending money. Gave him a social life. He got to know the regulars - seems there was a bunch of weekly movie goers. They'd go to see every movie at the discount matinee price - had regular groups of oldsters. Almost no hassles.

Folks often take part time jobs when they retire simply to fill the days with some activity. or get them out of the house, away from the spouse for a few hours.

That's one of the reasons I eat out a few times a week - at the same places.......small family restaurants twice a week.....and Denny's on Sunday morning with the same crew of waitresses, and the Chinese buffet on Mondays..... and Chubby's family restaurant and Joe's Pizza and Pasta.

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