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And not what you might be thinking.

I am in my 4th hotel of the week(3 were on the other coast) and beginning to tire of travel. I am not sure how it happened(a change in a deadline for my colleges :(, a grant award to another with a meeting invite for me :), and who knows what else.

I will actually be in a different hotel tomorrow night but this is a seeing MM and then going to a conference thing so :) It's the first I have seen of him since his fire graduation. Looking good and seems happy. Had breakfast with him and a friend from the academy as they came off work. Having dinner with him tonight.

SS & family fly into Denver on 11/14 after I have flown out to meeting in DC area. We can juggle the car through the miracle of valet parking(which sounds more hoity-toity than it is). I may have to make a separate run to the airport a day or two before for the grandcat (long story about which airlines fly cats how).

I will be home for a day and fly back to DC only to drive to the other edge for VA for a college visit and then back to grab MM and head to the Eastern Shore for Thanksgiving. SG&F are hoping to meet nephew and see others as they head to airport to fly to Chicago for Thanksgiving(and wedding planning with her family). SS & fam will be driving to Missouri to see SIL family.

Your head has probably now exploded, too ;) so I'll stop here.
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Maybe there's an app for keeping track of everyone :)
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I have found TripIt to be helpful when i have had crazy travel

peace & good luck with that...
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I have been using tripit at times(at your suggestion). My daughter and I also have access to each others calendars which is helping and things should calm down a bit near the beginning of December.

SS & fam have a house but will no household goods so they will be at my house for a bit. I suspect as they buy the stuff they plan to buy, they will ease over to their house.

Did I mention that the last condo I bought in Steamboat is being touched up/renovated and should be ready to rent sometime before Thanksgiving ?

I know part of all this is of my making but SS and fam weren't due back until about Christmas until everything fell apart for SS in Sept. I'm sure it'll all work out.

I am antsy about work - feeling overworked and underappreciated as are some of my favorite partners. For the colleges I enjoy working with, I'll be happy to continue. I think it will be a year of a lot of adjustments all over the place.

Thanks for listening.
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