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just improved.

Many of you know I am retired, not on a very tight budget, but miss my teaching...

A friend recommended me for tutoring, and I got a very nice call from the would-be tutee's husband.

I explained that I always give a free hour's meeting first, to find out what the student needs and wants, and to see if the student will feel comfortable with me. I always explain the potential student will have NO obligation to hire me as a tutor, and I will be glad to recommend different colleagues if I think one of them will be a better match....

We set up the first meeting. The husband sat in on the whole hour ( a first for me) but I found the wife bright, receptive and enthusiastic.

They wanted 5 hours a week.

I cannot do that much ( family obligations) but was thrilled to offer 3 hours. I'd been expecting one hour's work.

So we had the first REAL lesson Friday. Imagine my amazement when I found in the envelope not only the payment for the first real lesson, but payment for the freebie too! I had verbally declined that payment 3 times on the day itself, but they smuggled it into the week's fee. Very generous of them, and a first for me....

Besides the fun of teaching again, my means for gift-giving, for my grandkids, my favorite charities (and also a manicure now and then) just increased like crazy. 12 hours a month? Woohoo! My DH has never, ever grudged me a penny, but I love earning something.

For any of you who have a credential, and an hour or two a week to spare, don't forget that tutoring can be a great way to save for special treats.

Big Momma
Feeling rich.
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Hooray for you, Big Momma!
What subject do you tutor?

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Big Momma,

Great story.

...don't forget that tutoring can be a great way to save for special treats.

I've thought about tutoring myself now and then, but have no idea what to charge. What fee structure or rate schedule do you use?

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I tutor math and my fee schedule is here:

I didn't start there.

When I started, I had no reputation or qualifications other than being a parent and a math major.

As my reputation grew, I upped my rates a bit. After I graduated, I upped them a bit more. After I got my credential, I upped them again.

I started by looking at ads on craigslist, seeing what other people charged, tried to be near the lowest rate I saw offered in my area.

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Dear Ishtar,
I replied privately to Pete about my fees and the local fees here...but I thought you did a great job of presenting your fee schedule.

Rates in the Bay Area seem much higher, even for elementary school kids...$60 -65 an hour. I have no idea how parents can possibly pay that...

I tutor Business Execs from Silicon Valley and my rates are less than the going local ones above. I don't have your worries about checks bouncing either...these guys are usually management.

Hope you get some good jobs this semester...

Big Momma
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