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My response is not directed at you personally, just this particular issue. I am sooooo tired of the religion of secular humanism being shoved down kid's throats at public schools (the predominent worldview). I guess that is okay (according to the court) as long as the teacher does not start praying to him/herself. I think Christianity (Baptist, in this case) is the real target here.

You sort of made my point.. If someone makes a complaint about prayers in school we are somehow G-d less people (secular humanist). I was taught my religous values outside of my public school, but it seems that is not good enough for everyone.

The root of the problem many Christians don't find prayers that are similar to thier religious values a big deal. When I start hearing that Jesus is my savior, etc., it is very offensive. Your are telling me that me and my beliefs are not welcome here. Sorry, that's the way I feel. It doesn't mean I don't like Christians or anything like that. But, Why can't you pray by yourself without a big public addess system spectical. It just seems that they are being disrepectfull of my feelings and other peoples beliefs.

Do you think that they alternated between Jewish, Hindu, Shinto, Bapstist, Morman, Catholic, and other relgion's prayers. No, they did Baptist Prayers because the majority of the people in the area are Baptist. Kind of the "might makes right" theory.

Is there something I'm missing her. Is there a basic human need to have a mini baptist-church service at a football game. I understand that people have basic religous need to pray. I do it all the time. If some players want to go off to the side a pray, that's fine.

Why must public (government) school be the place to teach religious values. Aren't there other places much better suited, such as home and church? I don't quite understand the urge of everyone to have religious experiance at school, at the sacrafice of other peoples freedom.

I don't mean to sound bitter here, this just really struck a nerve. I guess you have to be "on the other side of the fence" to understand what the rest of us go through.

Just my thoughts....


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