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My two 30ish sons say that now I should forget the N80 learning curve and trade/sell it for a Nikon digital body compatible with the lenses. That way, they say, I'll have only one (digital) learning curve (including all the computer-related stuff) and that's what the future holds anyway. Both are good shooters and know their way around Adobe, etc.

Ah! The old digital vs. film argument, eh?

Without stirring the pot, very few pro's are 100% all digital. Most are mostly all film, and experiment with digital when it is non-critical to their reputation.

There are those that claim to be professional using all digital, or mostly digital, but they miss out on the finer points of the art. There are also some valid very experienced pro's who are 100% digital who get very, very good results.

The problem I am finding is everyone with a digital camera thinks they can shoot like Ansel Adams. They go out and buy a Nikon or Canon professional SLR digital camera and start shooting.

But, they have to shoot alot. For instance, I know a lady who makes the claim that she can shoot just as well as any pro. Through conversation, I found out that she probably shoots 1,000 images to get a few really nice ones. OKAY! Last time I checked, a professional (someone getting paid) must get it right after a few shots. You cannot tell your client, let me shoot 1,000 pictures, and out of that I'll send you one or two "good ones". Every shot must be good. Many of those must be great.

Imagine shooting a wedding, getting paid, after shooting 800 shots, and you show the client 3 good ones. You wouldn't be working in the industry very long.

Don't get me wrong. There are a great many things going for digital. But, I think people are confusing the medium as a replacement for film. I am forming the opinion that it will nto replace film, it will simply be an additional medium with which to work.

Also,I believe that any professional photographer also has to be familiar with the medium, and ready to use it upon a clients request. Although, sometimes, the client doesn't know what they are asking, or why.

The digital vs. Film is a very hot debate amoung photographers. Consumers are driving the digital thing, not photographers, although some would disagree.

Another thing about digital, and one reason why many pros are not using it is that in medium format cameras, the digital backs for those are prohibitvely high priced. And, you need a laptop to immediately download to. The technology just isn't there. And since most pros use the medium and large format cameras, digital just doesn't do it.

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