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My two cents, as a liberal gun owner:

What precisely should be done that you think would address the problem in a significant way?

1. Waiting period to purchase firearms.

I don't see a problem with a waiting period....however, I also see no benefit except for perhaps reducing crimes of would not have prevented any massacre that I am aware of.

2. Background check to purchase firearms.

I agree.

3. Mandatory training to own firearms.

I agree.

4. Require liability insurance riders for gun owners.

I strongly disagree. You cannot insure against intentional torts, and accidental shootings are already covered by general policies covering negligence. Insurance would only enrich insurance companies and IMHO insurance companies are the Al Qaeda of American commerce.

5. Registration; renewable annually, just like cars.

All this would do is increase costs and also make more criminals. One time registration is sufficient.

6. Close gun show purchase loopholes.

While I like gun shows a lot, I see problems here. I guess I agree.

7. Eliminate assault and semi-automatic weapon purchases except for police and military personnel.

Here I again must disagree. An "assault" weapon is every bit as dangerous as a non "assault" gun, so what you are basically doing is prohibiting guns that look evil. Most hunting rifles are "semi automatic." Also, allowing police and military to own them still means they are out there, and I have seen more than one case of a military man or cop going nuts and shooting people....they are still people, after all, and have the same illnesses and problems as the rest of us.

8. Mandatory trigger locks with purchase.

Not a bad idea, should reduce cases where kids get guns and accidentally shoot someone.

9. Eliminate high capacity clips.

I agree, except I think ten bullets may be too few, just because there are already so many guns that are designed for larger clips.

10. Regulate sniper rifles (with very high power ammo)

To be honest, I think the fifty cal rifles are stupid. Yeah, I could see getting rid of don't need them to hunt and they are a crappy self defense weapon. High power ammo is more problematic, as handloaders can make whatever charge they want in their bullets. Again, laws that cannot be enforced are a waste to enact.

Reality is we have hundreds of millions of guns in the USA. We are never going to get rid of them. We need to change our culture, where mass murderers get glory. How about this for an idea....any person who kills more than two people in a day will only be identified by a number/letter combination, and their picture will never appear in any news report or newspaper. Thus, the last scumbag might be faceless A257. Not many people know him, know his face, or anything THAT, though a limitation of freedom of speech...THAT could change the culture that, in a sick way, glorifies mass murderers.
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