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Hi all,

I have not been active on the wiki in some time, so I looked back through the posts here to see if anything was mentioned about the name, and I couldn't find anything (cursory look).

I assume a problem turned up with Touchstone? (I really liked that one!) Or was it decided it just wasn't the right name?

I'm okay with that... but "TMF Investing Wiki"?????

Not to put too fine a point on it, but that's... um... boring.

Can I cling to the hope that this is a transitional name of some kind?

My fear is that it is "out there" and active on the web now, and therefore set in stone (although not Touchstone, unfortunately).

Please, please, please, pretty please... can we come up with something better than the equivalent of the generic "C" Street in a town?

We're all about fun... amusement... education... how is that evidenced by the current moniker?

Aside from that, it doesn't roll off the tongue. It's certainly no Google, Yahoo, or Wikipedia.

Even worse, when I google "investing wiki," the first link is for "Wikinvest," and I quote, "Aug 12, 2009 ... The largest investing wiki with research on hundreds of companies, investment concepts, and more."

Not good.

The first reference to our wiki is three links down from the first one, and I suspect it's not very inspirational to non-Fools: "Help: Investing Wiki Quick Start - Wiki" ..."The Motley Fool Investing Wiki will be edited and maintained only by some of the world's best investors, who also happen to be complete Fools. ..."

We've simply got to have some kind of fab differentiator to our name if we're going to be serious contenders, IMHO.

Of course, we've also got to have seriously more content (my bad for not contributing more -- so I'm certainly not throwing stones, here). But I know that will come with time.

OR... and this just occurred to me as I was typing... are we flying under the radar on purpose right now, simply because our wiki isn't quite ready-for-prime-time?

Oh! Brilliant!

We'll make it better, bigger, and then, when it's ready for a real red-carpet debut, we'll change the name to something snazzy that will take the world by storm.

I get it! I love it!

(Please tell me that's the real skinny.)

Okay, I decided to look through each and every post since last November, looking for some hint about the name, and I found this recent one by David (which short thread I had originally passed by, since I already knew that the wiki was available): The wiki will really accelerate in its progress when we release our improved Search capabilities in the early fall -- then people will discover the Wiki when they're typing in terms. For now, it's still a bit buried, but very much open for business.

Soooooooooo... it would appear that perhaps my intuition about flying under the radar might be correct??? Or, conversely, it's simply buried because Search isn't throwing it out there as readily?

I still didn't find anything about a name change, though. :(

Best regards,
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