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Hi, folks --

I'm hoping someone here might have some good ideas for me. I need to fill two advent calendars with some goodies for my nieces. Each calendar contains little cubicles that are about 1.5"-2" in each dimension. So they might, for example, hold as much as a fortune cookie.

I'm trying to think of what to fill them with this year. Last year I printed out and folded and stuck in each space a little game, like a word hunt or simple crossword or something. I think the year before I stuck in little poems and jokes.

The nieces are 6 1/2 years old.

Any ideas? One friend suggested fortune cookies, especially ones for kids. I can't find any attractive kids ones available -- I only found one with boring "you'll do well on your next test" and "your parents love you" messages. I'd rather go with regular fortunes, if it comes to that. But perhaps there's a better idea??


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Kid jewelry might be an option.

A hand written: "A night out with Aunt Selena", or "Book of your choice" are thoughts as well.

As for fortune cookies, you might want to try a teacher supply store in your area.

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