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HI all..
Quick question.. our tax-preparer is not doing taxes this year. We've grown to trust him over the last few years. Because it seems like this is a one year issue (family loss), my hubby and I are debating whether we should attempt to file on our own. I'm more inclined to file for ourselves using a tax software. What do you recommend? Is there one that you particularly find most "user-friendly"? What should I keep an eye out for? And any other experiences and insights would be great. Thank you!
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How best to proceed depends on the complexity of your return. If your income consists of wages, interest, dividends, and maybe capital gains, and you take the standard deduction or the usual homeowner-type deductions (mortgage interest, state income tax, property tax, charitable contributions) - then you have a pretty simple, plain-vanilla return that you should be able to do by yourselves. If your numbers, deductions, etc. aren't too much changed from last year, pull out your 2000 return to use as a model, and to see where the numbers go and how the various forms fit together. Millions of taxpayers (including me) do their returns all by themselves and get them right!

If your return is complex - maybe you have a small business, or rental properties - then it might be too much to tackle, and you might be well-advised to find another preparer or use a software package. Re software, you probably won't go wrong with either TurboTax or TaxCut, which appear to be the two most popular packages. Both are pretty inexpensive.
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