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I realize there are a number of very experienced Bond investors on this board. So, would like help finding out how much Exxon bonds are going for.

Maybe there is a good site, but I don't know the symbol(s) for Exxon bonds.

Thanks in advance!
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at this particular juncture of the interest rate cycle, XOM bonds regardless of whether you are talking short term or long term are trading at a premium to par given they are rated AAA.

there is 1 specific XOM bond issue with cusip 607059AT9
it has an interest rate of 8.625% but is trading in the $152 range. $100 is par value.

also XOM related/backed bonds can be found under XTO Energy which means they are essentially XOM bonds. in addition there is seariver maritime, BUT i am not sure off the top of my head how logistics on those works.

to give you an idea on XTO bonds. there are 4 series/floats that redeem before 2016. yields on 3 of them are <.35% while the 2016 float's yield is .708.

on the longer term stuff, yields are in the low/mid 3% range and we are talking 24-26 years til redemption date. you would also have to explore potential call risk as well.


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to get recent prices, you can try If you just typed in Exxon under corporate bonds, it should bring up a lot of offerrings with latest trade prices.

Can also go to (I think that's it).

And also try the search engine at your broker's online site.
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that investingbonds website no longer provides any pricing information whatsoever. it will now hyperlink you to the CXA site.

also if you type in "exxon mobil" in any search engine, it will yield no results. you will only find one specific issue which i cited previously under the search "mobil"

all those other floats that are exxon mobil backed bonds and are AAA rated can only be found by searching "XTO Energy"
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