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First time poster. I couldn't find any thread on IRA's which baffled me. I am trying to figure out the best IRA for me. My income is above 100K so I don't think I am eligible for a Roth IRA until 2010? My situation. My income is significant and I realize I am destined to work into my mid-70's, typical for psychologists. I have no IRA's but have a CALPERS pension of $24k per year that started already with free dental and medical. My investments are limited to money markets and high yield online savings. I want to put all savings (around 70 to 80k) into investment/retirement vehicles. Iunderstand that at my age they may be liguid if I ever wanted to buy a home afterall.

Question.. I've been told to open an IRA and then put S&P 500 Index funds in it. #1) which IRA #2) since conservative needed is s&P 500 the safe bet? #3) with whom? Vanguard directly? someone else?

I know this is a lot at once, but since I decidated to invest and not buy a house, and the market is doing better, I want a place to invest my money and keep adding money at a significant monthly rate.

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