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If you don't post who will?

I try from time to time, but it can be a little exasperating when you receive so little response.

Rockwell Collins is a top quality company building avionics for many of the world's business jets, regional jets, and other commercial and military aircraft.

This isn't just another company. It's a leader in avionics and it pours about 20% of what it earns back into research and development of new products. That's what helps keep it on top.

You don't get chosen as a supplier to companies like Boeing, Airbus, General Dynamic's Gulfstream, Textron's Cessna, Bombardier etc...unless you have the best quality-for-the-price.

Rockwell Collins is one of the best-managed companies in the business. In fact, I challenge anyone to find a more efficiently managed company with better quality products.
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Hey jammerh!

Sorry, I don't have much to post from what I have posted previous. Coming up on the 10 year anniversery of when I bought my first shares. I think it was $19.35 on about 9/7/01. I remember it diving to around $12 a share about 2 months later and wondering if I should buy more, but neglected to since I was short on cash because I bought Calpine or Mirrant that eventually went bankrupt. :-(

There doensn't seem to be as much discussion on the Yahoo board either as of late.

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