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Used to be, back in the day, that I'd buy something on Steam only if it was a great sale price. "I prefer to own the disc-in-a-box version, 'cause that's just the kind of guy I am," I'd say. But I did pick up a few digital titles here and there as time marched on. As my Steam library grew slowly, fire-sale after fire-sale, I'd still dip into other stores for great prices here and there, Direct2Drive, or its new owner GameFly (not to mention the DRM-free GOG, which will always be my favorite - and whose holiday sale starts tomorrow by the way). When the Steam Thanksgiving sale ended I kinda regretted not picking up X-Com for $25, but didn't think too much of it 'cause I figured it would go on sale again after Christmas.

Then it happened.

GameFly has it on sale right now for $25, and I own a few other games from them, so it would hardly be lonely, but I still found myself hesitating to buy it because it wouldn't be on Steam. Which led me to one inescapable conclusion.

I'd become a Steam elitist.

going from distrustful curmudgeon to "with the times" has some unanticipated pitfalls
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Yeah, Steam has made itself pretty much indispensable, chiefly because it's so user friendly. You can delete and re-download games with a single click if you're low on HDD space, the sales are great, the achievements are fun, and the friends list is fantastic.

I buy 90% of my games on Steam, and most of the other 10% I get from Humble Bundles or something else I can register on steam!
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or something else I can register on steam!

That's another element (registration on Steam, like for Steamworks, even when you buy the disc version) that has transmogrified a bit in my mind from "Ugh, no reason to buy the disc now, so I won't buy it at all until it's a fire-sale Steam price" to a grudging "Yeah, ok, that's kinda nice". Examples are buying Portal 2 for $5 on GameFly but it consisted of a Steam code rather than an actual download (so although it's still listed in my wannabe-Steam GameFly client you don't actually do anything with it from there), and buying Skyrim on GreenManGaming (same thing, just a Steam code).

GMG has some awesome deals and coupons so it's become a "check-them-first" destination before I buy anything, and most of what's there consists of just a Steam code - so it's kinda like a second Steam that's got different stuff on sale.

Case in point: GMG's current "use it once" coupon is WINTR-SRVEY-42012 good for 35% off any one game, good through sometime Friday, and the 24-hour deal is Batman: Arkham City GOTY for $7.50. That and X-Com ($32 if you use the coupon) are both Steam codes.

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