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Gwen, a round!
On Wednesday, at 0339, my son, Fin JR, was born. He arrived with much less fanfare than my daughter (That's a good thing.) Nine pounds, nine ounces, at 3x3 9 on the nineteenth. Holy nines!

He gave us a much better first night at home than his sister as well. He is a modest fellow, preferring to be well swaddled and preferably held also. His neck strength is remarkable. He most resembles his uncle, who grew up to be way bigger than me and played college football.

I think I'll start his education early. Perhaps a trip to Lowe's tomorrow?

Still in the,
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Drinks all around!

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I'm glad all is well.

While we shop at Lowe's, I also hit the smaller shops. We still have a local hardware store, and a plumber's shop that are pretty good.

Lowe's and Home Depot used to kill them on price, but they really don't anymore. The service is way better at the smaller places as well. I get a lot of blank stares when shopping at Lowe's.

Oh, and a round on me for wee Fin Jr.

In case you didn't know, there is a parenting board at the fool

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