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See Wendy's detailed how to post on the Living Below Your Means board--
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In my view Wendy has made some significant errors or selective reading of facts. But she sure is pleased at all the money she believes she has saved.

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Just because the hard drive is only 60% full has nothing to do with speed and / or performance of a Hard Drive. It also doesn't indicate the future potential for the hard drive to crash.

The older drive could very well have lasted for years and there are cheaper and less time intensive alternatives to do what she was looking to accomplish which is string along an older computer.

If she was really wanting to be budget minded... she should have kept the original HDD and used it until it actually died. She should have purchased an external drive and or subscription to CrashPlan to ensure that she had sufficient backups of the data.

The used FREE tools to clean up the Hard Drive and or come here for advice. Especially considering that I just purchased parts to build a brand new computer for only double ($232 after MIR) for what she spent for a HDD, a Cable and some software.

My $0.02

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One correction to Wendy's litany:

He existing hard disk drive was not slow because it was 60% full (this is not nearly enough to slow down a defragged drive). Her disk drive was slow because it is on its last legs (IMHO) and when she balked at a new PC from Costco (about $500 - in my opinion what she should have done), replacing the drive was the next best thing.

The Seagate DiskWizard software is by Acronis, which I think is an easier solution than Norton Ghost for many (and is free as well). She read a bunch of reviews and decided to buy Ghost instead. Either would have worked, but trying to explain the steps required to install a new drive and clone the existing one to it over the phone is always fun :-).

I guess she created her post from the notes she took (as she reinterpreted them).

All's well that ends well and her PC works pretty well right now.

As far as my opinion of Windows *? I'm using it on the PC I'm using right now, but using its "legacy" Windows 7 screen with a start button function downloaded from Pokki (free) and six programmed function keys on a gaming keyboard for when I use the newfangled stuff.

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Sorry * = shifted 8 :-)
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