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Hi all,

I have been reading several of the boards daily for my three month trial and can't tell you how invaluable I find this 'place.' I immediately budgeted my fee to join (using my cash back debit/credit card)once I realized the resource that I had found, and here I am. I am a newbie to trying to get my finances under control, and can't tell you how much all the advice, comments, and suggestions have helped me already. I have celebrated silently with all those 'dancers' out there that have already obtained some or all of their goals. I commend anyone who can make a positive and rewarding change in their life and am grateful for their ability to share their experience.

I have a horror story of a past financial life! I can honestly say that it would give nightmares to anyone (including myself to this day) and I have a slightly deep credit card hole that I am currently digging myself out of right now. Progress is mighty slow, but rewarding just the same. I look forward to one day being able to do the 'happy dance' myself, and am looking foward to sharing my future dances and past experiences with others.

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Welcome. As you mentioned we all learn from each other. Feel free to share your stories, happy and also not so happy dances :)

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Welcome to the board! We would love to hear your story...

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Welcome! ( the nick!)

I understand your reluctance in posting your story, as I was there myself last February. Once I got it all down on paper, and decided on a plan of action, I took a deep breath and posted it.

No one gasped or fainted dead away :) In fact, I got a few cheers, and a few "you go, girl"s. My progress is slow, too. But I read this board every day, and dance right along with the others. And my $38,000+ debt will have been reduced $4,500 September 15th. Like I said..slow progress, but I know I could not have done it without reading other's stories and sharing in their dances.

You give, as well as you get, when you share your ups and downs. I hope you'll share yours when you are ready!

Once again, welcome to the board.

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Hi. Welcome to the boards.
Congrats on spending so much time reading them. It is a committment, but believe me it really helps to go back and read the old posts. And try to read the boards daily.
I moved this year and didn't have a computer for a few weeks, I was like 900 posts behind.(I would stop at radio shack and log on to get some read!) Some days there are only 50 or so, somedays over a hundred. It doesn't take long to get really really behind.
Besides the motivation of reading daily, helps to save those pennies, nickles and dimes.
back on track,
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Welcome to the boards! And more importantly to a new way of life. The paying off time (years?) is not so fun but it is a beautiful day when your money starts working for you instead of the other way around.

You'll get there!
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