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Yahoo! seems to be tinkering with its feestructure. First they changed the Yahoo! shopping fees, then Y! Auctions and now they've changed their premium Mail storage formula.

It won't earn them millions, but it could entice people to try their premium services. 9.99$ isn't that much a year is it?

>>Extra Storage - from $9.99/year
Get a bigger mailbox -- choose a size that fits your needs.
• Do you have a lot of email that you don't want to throw away?
• Do you use Yahoo! to consolidate your other email accounts?
• Do you receive tons of email from mailing lists, friends, and coworkers?

Select one of the following
10 megabytes for $9.99
25 megabytes for $19.99 -- Save 20% per megabyte!
50 megabytes for $29.99 -- Save 40% per megabyte!
100 megabytes for $49.99 -- Save 50% per megabyte!>>

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