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New to board but love the concept of catching these *hopefully* excellent opportunities.

NCR is planning to spinoff their Teradata divn. within 6-9mns. Keep an eye out:

Also the previously mentioned upcoming spinoff off Medtronic's Physio-Control divn. sounds very interesting. I find one of the biggest challenges re. this search with spinoffs is to just keep track of them all.

To add some thoughts to the conversation about spinoffs being "discovered" in the mkt place and therefore not being as fruitful; I think that's certainly true to a degree. But as any seasoned investor knows attention on Wall Street is amazingly fickle. So imo in this new environment where the big gains will come from with spinoffs will be where the Street takes its eyes off the ball, is distracted by other hot stories or overreacts to certain stories. For example: I bought the Realology(sp?) spinoff from Cendant; not at first thank you, but once I realized the Street's concern for the real estate bubble was taking down this great franchise too far. I think it's catching those Street overreactions with certain spinoffs that will be the key.
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Anyone still following this NCR/Teradata spin-off?
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