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Hi Gang,

In light of our discussion of the last week or so, I decided to take a look at B & H's list of stocks offered.

It seems that there is a delay in B&H adding an established stock to their universe when requested by customers.

This morning I checked to see if B&H had recognized last week's hot IPO of BIDU, the china internet company. No Little Giant had no intention to sink his hard earned money in this one, just was curious as to if someone at B&H was on top of fads and fashions in the market. Lo and behold, there it was BIDU! It does not show up in the listing of "New Arrivals", but if you enter BIDU in "Search by Symbol", you will come up with an link to the issue. BIDU does show up on the "Full List of Available Stocks."

Therefore we can conclude that B&H is not always slow about adding hot new issues to their universe of securities. We can also conclude that just because a stock does not show up on the "New Arrival" list, it doesn't mean that you cannot add the issue through Buy and Hold.

Little Giant
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