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Hi all,

I joined the fool a few days ago, and began browsing through the boards and found this board. You guys are awesome! What a lot of infomative posts, and uplifting stories.

My "weight" journey is pretty simple. I started trying to lose weight in June 2001...the 9th to be exact. I remember that was the day that I said to myself "Enough is enough....quit putting this off and get motivated!!"

I began an improvised version of Weight Watchers Points system, doing everything myself. I didn't go to meetings, or buy anything from WW directly. I surfed the net and found a place to help me keep track of journaling, weight tracking, and activity points. Then I found more sites about the points for foods, fast foods, and activity. I combined that with some E-baying for some books, and such...and lost 42 pounds. 197 down to 155. I'm still at 155, but want desprately to lose about 10 more pounds. All of your messages have given me motivation, and an "accounting" place to help me along.

Tomorrow is my is way to far gone as far as points go and I'm not even going to try and track it. LOL Hopefully, by Christmas I can be down 5 lbs...and make the rest by this time next year. If I can hit would be great!

Thanks to everyone for are each an inspiration!

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Congratulations and Welcome!!

Look forward to your posts.

The schedule meeting for our community dances was held this week, so I know that in a couple of weeks I'll be contra dancing every other week!!!

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Congratulations! That's awsome results! I was going to suggest the online tools for Weight Watchers, but you have it all under control. So Welcome. I'm pretty new on this board as well, yet I too have found it inspirational and motivational.

Thanks for joining in!
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