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Most people will probably think, so what? I did. I'm not really that enamored with any show so much that I care that much about its loss (except maybe Downton Abbey). But some people really care about their shows. BTW I know producers probably don't care about foreign watchers, but I know my daughter recently got Netflix in Panama which doesn't show all of your favorite shows, so now she is trying out new shows.
Nielsen Ratings Will Add Streaming Data For Fall 2013: Here’s What We Need To Ask About The Changes
But that change is happening at all is exciting and overdue. The CW has been claiming for years that streaming viewing has kept its low-rated shows financially viable, and I have to wonder if a marvelous show like the Canadian import The L.A. Complex might have been able to get a third season if advertisers were presented with quality multi-platform viewing numbers that made visible an audience they weren’t seeing in the overnight ratings. FX’s John Landgraf has long called for reformed ratings system that would both reflect new viewing behaviors, which makes sense given the bump a new show like The Americans has seen in three-day DVR ratings, and give broadcast and cable channels a sense of how they stack up to original programming from outlets like Netflix and Amazon.
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