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I was pleasently surprised to see you, Jason, on one of my favorite shows last night. :)
There at about 16 minutes into the show. The night's Market Focus on Neflix.
After the closing bell, the focus for the market fell on Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX). The company has had a tough year with a disastrous price hike and abandoned plans to split the company in two, but it ended the year with a strong performance. Earnings for the fourth quarter coming in much better than anticipated, beating estimates by $0.18 per share. Perhaps the most positive sign was Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) stopped losing subscribers, which fled the service last summer. Shares came into tonight`s report with some optimism. They were up about 2.5 percent during the regular session, but after returning to subscriber growth in the last quarter, shares jumped more than 10 percent in after hours action — above $105 per share. If that holds through tomorrow, it would be Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX)`s highest price since late October, but analyst at the Motley Fool, Jason Moser, says beware.

JASON MOSER, ANALYST, MOTLEY FOOL: I think I`m just going to watch this one from the sidelines. It`s a very volatile stock. It`s really difficult to predict. It`s a very fast-changing market, a lot of competitors out there. Switching costs are still relatively low so while Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) really came out with a good release, I`m still not convinced of a solid direction straight up from here.
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Hah! Thanks blesto. I am happy to hear you saw that. I actually really like the show and when we were in Kazakhstan I would watch it on AFN as they would play the repeat the next day in the afternoon when I could see it.

They asked a few questions and truthfully I'm glad they were able to get what I said in. I do like Netflix and want it to do well, but I still have plenty of concerns that will keep me on the sidelines with this one forever I think. The release to me was one of stopping the bleeding which was what they needed. Still comes down to subscribers for them though, so it's going to be a challenging road ahead.

All that said, when you have a leader like Hastings behind the wheel (and I do believe he is a solid leader), chances for success are pretty good. I still think they're going to get bought at some point.

Foolish best,

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